The Sapphire Widow by Dinah Jefferries

Books based on the East truly make me so happy to read. Not only because I feel I can draw on personal experiences from visiting India and it’s surrounding countries but for the ways author’s write about these places.

The Sapphire Widow is set in 1930’s Sri Lanka and follows the story of Louisa Reeve and the aftermath of her husband’s death and subsequent discoveries about his life. The scenery described makes the country sound so inviting and I would give anything to be on those beaches and cinnamon plantations with the characters as they unravel a web of lies.

I found the romantic aspects of the story a bit too cliche and obvious, perhaps as a huge romance novel lover I was able to guess the ending about a quarter of a way in to the book. But, the mystery of the threats Louisa is facing and who from her household is involved provided a surprise and the tension gave the book an extra boost.

Now, I’ll be planning a dream trip to Sri Lanka so thanks Dinah for inspiring me!

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